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CNC Turning
Dongguan Guchuan Machinery Co Ltd, formed in 2011, is a custom machinery factory specializing in precision CNC Milling, Turning, grinding, and steel fabrication. Dongguan has been a technically sound, competent, and high-quality manufacturing company accompanied by a skillful team of workers.

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Guchuan CNC turning:

CNC turning and grinding service serves as an important machinery process to create a part or piece into the required outward appearance. Guchuan machinery offers various CNC turning methods, with each giving their own respective results that fits your specific needs. We have vast experience of more than ten years in providing the best, consistent and accurate CNC turning services. Our commitment to accuracy and perfect CNC turning processes makes us your absolute machinery partner. For the best CNC turning services, contact us today and quote your requirements!

Types of CNC Turning Offered at Guchuan Machinery

We have the professionals, technology, and dedication to fulfill the demands that you want to have in a CNC turning and grinding service partner. Our CNC turning abilities is the one you want to rely on to get your job done make your project run smoothly. What we offer is not necessarily limited to internal and external turning, threading, Mill/turn, internal and external grooving, and lastly, the bar feed capabilities.

Grinding Services for Particular Parts

CNC Turning

At Guchuan Machinery, we are also providing OD Grinding Services for some Particular parts, and our experienced grinding experts perform all types of precision outer diameter (OD) grinding. We are able to provide high-tolerance OD grinding between centers on all materials, coatings, and plating, at up to 31-inch diameter and 90-inch length.  For face plates, OD grinding is available up to 30 inches in diameter and 50 inches in length.

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For more than 10 years, our business has been the trusted, go-to provider for a variety of turning needs. To discuss your specifications with our team of CNC turning expert, be quick to contact us and tell us your requirements so that we may help you. Customers have always been our top most priority because we firmly believe in complete customer satisfaction, you just have to request us a quote and we will get back to you as quick as possible with all we have to offer you.

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